Pints 4 Paws at The Erko: a paw-fect start to Bars March 2019

By: Amy Cooper
5 March 2019

Erskineveille’s dog-devoted pub, The Erko, was packed out with pooches and their people as Pints 4 Paws kicked off our month of good times for a good cause. From greyhounds to groodles, pugs to pomeranians, corgies to collies, bulldogs to bitzers, a furry, four-legged rainbow of every shape, size, breed and colour filled the friendly community pub.

As you’d expect in this diverse and inclusive inner west neighbourhood, all the canines got along famously, proving that the more eclectic the crowd, the better the party. With Mardi Gras adding to the festive atmosphere, the humans raised toasts with the Erko’s Bars March special, 4 Pines beer, with $1 for every drink purchased donated to Animal Welfare League NSW to help the less fortunate relatives of these party pups.

Many dogs in attendance were rescues themselves, with their owners keen to share the joy of adopting a shelter pet. TV personality and avid animal-lover Shelly Horton brought along Mr Barkley and Bella, both former shelter pups now enjoying a blissful forever home with Shelly and her partner Darren. Buckley the gentle giant mixed-breed had been adopted from a Toronto shelter by human dad Joey and looked very much at home in his new city; Alice the greyhound and her long-legged squad of fellow greys stretched out beneath the tables, content with their new life as lounge lizards, and throughout the pub’s various spaces, humans met and mingled, their canines the ideal conversation starter.

Bars March sends a huge tail wag to The Erko’s excellent team, and all the big-hearted humans who came along to support the cause. Make sure to take your own dog along to this pooch paradise of a pub during March. You’re guaranteed a warm and fuzzy welcome.

Photos: Belinda Rolland