Meet our new mate: Warner’s Distillery

By: Amy Cooper
5 March 2020

Something was missing from the Bars March family… and we couldn’t quite put our finger on it – until we met dog-loving Tom and Tina Warner.

They’re gin farmers, and if you love great drinks, you absolutely need to have a real gin farmer in your inner circle.

Tom and Tina produce their delicious range of Warner’s Distillery craft gins in a 200-year-old barn at Falls Farm, right in the middle of the stunning British countryside. Their gins are crafted with nature, using fresh botanicals – many of which are grown on the farm – honey from their own beehives and water drawn from their spring.

When we tasted Tom and Tina’s tangy fruit-bomb Rhubarb Gin – one third of the bottle is pure rhubarb juice – inspired by a crop of rhubarb originally grown in Queen Victoria’s own kitchen garden, we knew we had to have it in a Bars March drink.

And then we found out that Warner’s Distillery is just as devoted to dogs as Bars March is… and the friendship was sealed.

Tom and Tina’s dog, Leia, is the distillery’s Executive Morale Officer, and takes her job very seriously. When things get tough out there in the fields, she lightens everyone’s day with a wag and a grin. Add a sundowner of Warner’s Rhubarb Gin with tonic or ginger ale, and all cares vanish.

We can’t wait to celebrate with Tom and Tina (while Leia stays back home in the UK to mind the farm) here in Sydney and Melbourne during March.

All month long, you’ll find bespoke Bars March Warner’s cocktails on pour at Sydney’s The Duke of Clarence, The Barber Shop and Madame Brussels in Melbourne. We promise you’ll love them as much as we do.