Venue Guide

Venue Guide

What’s Bars March?

Bars March is a month-long celebration of bar culture, featuring great venues and drinks. We raise money for charity by encouraging everyone to head out on the town and get together throughout March to enjoy our Participating Venues responsibly. Our campaign is the eight-year-old cheeky antidote to 'dry' months such as Febfast and Dry July. Our mission: good times for a good cause.

It works like this

Throughout the month, our Participating Venues add a Bars March drink of their choice to their menus and donate a portion of the sales to our charity. At the same time, we encourage our Marchers to head out to the venues and post up a storm on social media. We urge them to visit their favourite Participating Venues as much as possible to 'have a drink, save a dog.'

Who gets involved?

Over the years, our mix of generous supporters has included all shapes and sizes, from biggies such as Keystone and Merivale to smaller stars like The Lobo Plantation, The Barber Shop and Tokyo Bird. Our celebrity ambassadors include garden guru Jamie Durie, TV vet Dr Katrina Warren, plus numerous ridiculously good-looking models and personalities and an army of diverse people who love bar culture and good drinks. Bars March was created and is still lovingly nurtured by Sun-Herald columnist Amy Cooper.

Our cause

Bars March supports Animal Welfare League NSW. The organisation has been caring for surrendered, neglected and abandoned animals for over 50 years. www.awlnsw.com.au In Melbourne we support the wonderful SADS in their rescue, veterinary and rehoming work and commitment to a no-kill shelter.

What's in it for the venues?

The Bars March PR, social media and marketing team promote your venue via online channels including website, Facebook and Instagram, and in our media communications.

Point of sale materials (warning: cute dog pic alert) supplied to help promote your participation.

Listing and photo for your venue and cocktail on the Bars March website – plus this year, we’ve got an online map happening. (We're all over this digital thing.)

We can help you host Bars March events to bring our supporters into your venue and sell more of those all-important drinks.

What do I need to do?

To participate in Bars March, we ask venues to:

  • Create and sell a special Bars March drink throughout March. A percentage (your choice how much) of the drink’s price must be donated to Animal Welfare League NSW or SADS at the end of March, within a specified time frame. We provide the documentation/details so you can donate direct to the charity.
  • Display our posters and PoS materials in your venue throughout March where possible
  • Post loud and proud about Bars March on your social media channels and digital platforms

For more information about Bars March please contact:

Amy Cooper, Bars March director on 0412 169 082 or contact us here. 

Celebrate the talent, creativity and originality that personify Australia's bar scene, while raising money for animals - who bring to our lives even more pleasure than our favourite bars and drinks.